Belvest a company that for three generations has handed down and reinterprets the most ancient sartorial art and the formal values of aesthetics with a completely contemporary sensibility.

The company has now become a reference point also for personalities in the sartorial sector such as Fabio Attanasio, in particular for its “made to measure” division.

In fact, in a recent interview by Fabio Attanasio himself the process and attention to details are shown for the tailor-made:
In addition to the choice of yarns and fabrics,
the process starts from a pre-established modeling base which is then subsequently adapted to the subject’s physicality.

The final result is widely considered satisfactory and goes far beyond the main phobias of “tailor purists”.

Not least, the total look ready-to-wear collection by Belvest that offers extremely high quality standards both in terms of manufacture and choice of fabrics.

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