Umberto Bilancioni, a story of several generations, of a family from the Marche which through its dedication to the art of luxury knitwear tells a story of passion and excellence, of values ​​and ties with the territory.

Umberto Bilancioni , in the 80s, inspired by the desire to create garments that stand out for the refinement of the materials and the excellence of the workmanship, to define a new horizon of aesthetic and qualitative standards at the forefront of knitting.

For more than 60 years we have been expressing the desire to carry on this project.

The Bilancioni collections are made only with noble and precious raw materials that guarantee their anti-seriousness. An exclusive time is dedicated to each garment and each model is cared for down to the smallest detail in a passionate pursuit of perfection.

Today, the goal is to create models in which our artisan roots blend with the contemporary.

We proudly feel that we belong to the high Italian craftsmanship, the priceless heritage of our country and our culture.

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