MARIO TALARICO Regimental Umbrella Handmade Blond Hickory Handle One-Piece (2)


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Mario Talarico is something of a legend in Naples. Well into his 80’s, he can still be found behind his workbench in a small alley off of Naples’ Spanish District crafting some of the finest handmade umbrellas in the world. This fourth-generation artisan workshop still makes their umbrellas completely by hand using the traditional techniques handed down over generations. Talarico is a true Artisan ? Each umbrella is individually crafted and totally unique. purchase a talarico umbrella and own a piece of history. mr. mario talarico is one of the most ancient and renowned craftmen in the world. every single umbrella crafted by mr talarico and his nephew mario junior, is completely handmade



Completely Handmade by Mario Talarico Napoli Italy
Regimental Pattern Canopy
Blond Hickory Tree Handle
One-Piece Stem Blond Hickory
Hand-Cut Polyester Canopy
Closures by Handmade Ribbons and Horn Buttons
It includes the Certificate of Authenticity  
Steel and Brass Fixing 
The Design is Made by Hand Exclusively for our Shop
Original Dust Bag by Mario Talarico
Real Tip Horn
Each Piece is Unique for: Wood Tone, knots and Model
Total Lenght: (from tip to handle) 37.00 inch – 94 cm